How Our 0% Weighting To JPMorgan Helped Our Portfolio

Posted by Vident Financial on 9/17/20 9:30 AM

As of January 31st, 2020, VCUSX was underweight JPMorgan Chase & Co compared to a cap-weighted approach. VCUSX has had a 0% weighting in JPMorgan since at least January 31st of 2016.

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How Great is Great Britain?

Posted by Vident Financial on 9/15/20 10:53 AM

Should roughly 1/10th of your international investment be in a country that represents only 2% of global GDP?

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Topics: Global Economics

Quarter Trillion Dollar Pension Plan Adding Real Estate to Decrease Volatility

Posted by Vident Financial on 9/10/20 12:26 PM

According to the trade journal IPE Real Assets, one of the largest pension funds (almost a quarter trillion dollars in assets) in America is increasing its allocation to Real Estate.

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Topics: REITs

New Data: 45 States Growing, Michigan Booming, New York Still Shrinking

Posted by Jerry Bowyer on 9/8/20 9:00 AM

We just got the second estimate for second quarter GDP and as I pointed out in a previous piece, that data tells us nothing about the past two months. It is data with a long gap between the time period and the report about the time period.

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