How Companies Pay Shareholders: Are Buybacks Good for Shareholders in the Long Run?

Posted by Vident Financial on 3/15/21 10:00 AM

Given the dynamics we've discussed earlier regarding buybacks, it should be no surprise to see that they tend to be additive to performance. Of course, critics acknowledge that buybacks tend to boost short-term prices. How could anyone deny that an increase of buying any asset, ceteris paribus, increases its price? But what critics miss is that gains are not limited to the short run.

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The Next Crises: Debt and Debasement

Posted by Vident Financial on 3/8/21 11:30 AM

We're getting a little tired of using the word "unprecedented," but no other word captures the recent trends in both deficit spending and money supply expansion. Also unprecedented are the stratospheric prices for cryptocurrencies. And there are good reasons to believe that these violations of precedence are not merely coincidental, but rather logically related to one another.

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EM Capitulation Was a Foreseeable Investor Error

Posted by Vident Financial on 3/5/21 10:45 AM

Last year we wrote a lot about the history of Emerging Market (EM) overperformance. That historically it tends to overperform developed markets; that it does not always overperform; the conditions under which it does overperform.

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Oil Rises

Posted by Vident Financial on 3/3/21 10:30 AM

Remember early last year when oil prices 'went negative'?

Well, despite scary headlines, the actual prices themselves didn't go negative, but there certainly was a major drop in the value of oil. Markets often get the direction of the economy right, but they also can go too far.

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Topics: Market Drivers, Economics, Commodities

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