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How Our 0% Weighting To JPMorgan Helped Our Portfolio

Posted by Vident Financial on 9/17/20 9:30 AM

As of January 31st, 2020, VCUSX was underweight JPMorgan Chase & Co compared to a cap-weighted approach. VCUSX has had a 0% weighting in JPMorgan since at least January 31st of 2016.

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How Great is Great Britain?

Posted by Vident Financial on 9/15/20 10:53 AM

Should roughly 1/10th of your international investment be in a country that represents only 2% of global GDP?

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Topics: Global Economics

Quarter Trillion Dollar Pension Plan Adding Real Estate to Decrease Volatility

Posted by Vident Financial on 9/10/20 12:26 PM

According to the trade journal IPE Real Assets, one of the largest pension funds (almost a quarter trillion dollars in assets) in America is increasing its allocation to Real Estate.

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Commercial Real Estate: Who's Been Swimming Naked?

Posted by Vident Financial on 8/27/20 9:09 AM

It's an old saying, usually attributed to Warren Buffet, that when the tide goes down you can see who has been swimming naked. Well, things have clearly been at low tide for commercial real estate companies, especially those associated with brick-and-mortar retail. These sectors were already under pressure from the trend towards e-commerce, but with the coming of a global crisis and a rolling series of on again/off again shutdowns, the tide has gotten very low indeed.

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Topics: REITs

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