How Companies Pay Shareholders: Buybacks Discourage CEO Empire Building

How Companies Pay Shareholders: Buybacks Don’t Subtract From Wages

How Companies Pay Shareholders: Buybacks Are Not a Giveaway

Look For Companies With Blockholder Investor Base

New Series About How to Apply Principles to Stock Selection

Vident Financial's Quarter End Commentary (Q3)

Q3 Real Estate Report

New York Post Article: "New York City is Dead Forever"

What This New Economic CAT Scan Shows About This Recession

Happy GO-Day: Last Week's Economic CAT Scan Shows Resiliency

Stock, Bond, Commodity Markets All Signaling Recovery, Part 2

Stock, Bond, Commodity Markets All Signaling Recovery, Part 1

How Great is Great Britain?

Quarter Trillion Dollar Pension Plan Adding Real Estate to Decrease Volatility

New Data: 45 States Growing, Michigan Booming, New York Still Shrinking

Last Week’s Terrible and Stale GDP Report

Recent Durable Goods Report Brought to You by the Number 230 Billion and by the Letter V

Commercial Real Estate: Who's Been Swimming Naked?

Green Dot Investors in the Green

Home Sales: Best Ever But Still Not Good?

Broadest Based Economic Metric Doing Better Than GDP

IMF: 'Crisis Like No Other' Then Back to Status Quo Ante

New York Real Estate, Largest Decline in 30 Years

'Economy Recovery' Overtakes 'Economy Depression' as Search Term

This Graphic Captures How Far We've Come and How Far We Have to Go

Highest Unemployment Tends To Be in Lowest Impact Economic Sectors

Manufacturing a Recovery

Biggest Economic Drivers Are Most Poised to Come Back

National Reconstruction Begins

Q2 Was Tough on Those Who Panicked at the End of Q1

Emerging Market Overperformance and Interest Rates

Global Market Performance and U.S. Interest Rates

Wealthy in “Mad Rush to Leave San Francisco”

When Do Emerging Markets Tend to Outperform Developed Markets?

Do Emerging Markets Beat Developed Markets?

The Fed Bails Out the Government, But Who Could Bail Out the Fed?

Are We Creating The Next Crisis With What We’re Doing To Get Through This Crisis?

Should Smart Investors Be Overweighted to NY Apartments?

Should Smart Investors Be Overweighted to NY Office Buildings?

Big Crowd Events Are Economic Small Ball

Oil Bear Market Catastrophic Loss Bounce Back

Oil Price Shocks, Poor Countries Hardest Hit

Oil Price Shocks And Catastrophic Financial Losses

Video Shows Which Country’s Markets Did Best, Worst During Q1 Crisis

What Do Oil Prices Tell Us About The Global Economy?

Negative Oil Prices: Should Investors Panic?

How Can Oil Go Negative?

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